Friday, August 14, 2009


ok yes I am a horrible blogger.. but I will get better.. school is hard.. yeah I only thought I knew so much about a PC! anyways... eye candy this is in my shop! goo take a peek please!!

YellowPolkaDotShop is my seller / shop name! Love it?? I do to!

pink cupcake hair trinket.. adore~

lime skully hair trinket!

ok here is some of my art that I've been wanting to share with you!

and one more!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Mkay... soo I've been working on stuffs. for my shop..

YellowPolkaDotShop.. go by and check it out. [^_^]

Soo here is the stuff enjoy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

OOHh.. blip blip blip...

Ok I need to post about my progress.. soo far I'm maintaining an 92. in my class which I'm not sure what the letter grade on that is.. but I start my next class on Thursday... Its suppose to be Computer Literacy but.. my Prof. said that I should test out of it.. soooo we'll see... ya know! lol

ok thanks for allt he love! hugs to you all...


Well its been raining for DAYSSS!!!!! I promise I think i'll never see sunny the sunshine again! But good news.. I'm hosting a challenge for this month!!! I Encourage all of you to play along with us!!

May's Flower Challenge!!!

There is this old saying that April showers bring May flowers... well God brings people into our lives. They sprout up when we least expect it!

This month lets scrap about someone we have close to us/ our heart.. friends...

Your husband is your best friend... I want to see the story about it!! Do you have an unexpected friendship?? I always try to have a twist and this one should be fun and easy!!! Lets see some flowers.. I don't use alot of Prima or expensive ones.. I buy cheap silk ones!!! Or make them from scraps of paper!

If you don't have flowers make some pretty paper ones... anything will do as long as it looks like a flower! lol I really want to see some journaling to... of some unexpected friendships... do you have a dog or cat that has made your house its new home?? Any birds that have "nested" your place... lets see it!!!

The twist.... We have to have some flowers on it!!!

I'll do mine A.S.A.P... lol I like playing along too! ... I like sketch 132

- HAS to be a NEW Lo, no matter what size, DIGITAL is OK!

-E-mail your LO and I'll post it! umm plz keep the size under 8 megs... thanks my e-mail is

-You can submit as many you like...

Let's create!! Due May 29th, 2009!!!

THANKS for playing HAVE FUN!!!

here is a LO I did for fun a couple of nights ago... its digi and this is me and my bored~ism while standing in line at the Decyfer Down concert...


Friday, February 27, 2009


I know I've not posted since last year.. wow... last year... suffice to say being busy is an understatement.. lol I will show you all what I've been diligently working on!

But as for now... 7 banners, the loss of one fur-baby and the introduction of another into our family and my bestest friend coming up to see made time my enemy... But alas.. finally February is over and I'm super duper excited to see that [[hopefully]] spring in on it way... I need a tan.. bhaha Come on summer... but I leave you with this... its my LO for a challenge I hosted on

Its a great christian scrapbooking site with lovely ladies from everywhere... Dawn she is the site's creator has been just the best person to meet ever. Melissa hosts a daily talk, then Sherry, Cindy, Lisa, Georgann, Shelly and Tausha keep it very interesting!! I love all those ladies... soo if your looking for a great forum full of believers come by and join us sometime!! I host a monthly challenge!! woot me!! with a prize!! And I'll be posting March's challenge soon....