Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Festivites...

Good morning to one and all... Ok to let you know BaD GiRls KiTs are haveing these awsumm classes starting today! go to thier web site and join and sign up! There will be 22 classes! FREE classes! How can you say no???

Photobucket )

I did Top Designer 2008 and it was uber fun! So join the classes its'll be worth it totally! I promise!

My submisson for TD class #2... my babes Sunny~Boo... her name?? LOOONG STORY! LOL

rAnDoM PiCs.... enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Mkay... I did get a hair cut and I hate it! I'll post pics soon with that.. its not that I hate it its just that I've had it for forever and I'm like bah with it! lol

Ok Honestly I'm kinda in an odd mood today. Me and Mantha watched the Notebook, like 2 days ago and Its like awwww.. sadness! lol It was pretty good I guess, I'm glad we have TVG! I cried at the end like an idiot! :) Soo and now I'm hooked on a song called "Pieces" by a group called RED. They are soo awsumm they are like what I call "intelligent rock" just beautiful! I think I'm gonna work on a LO of my friend, with this song in mind.

Good thing... I've actually finished 15 of my 48 card order. I'm struggling with scrappers block. I've looked and looked at the papers and cardstock waiting for some majic and I've gotten none. But I've pulled through and made some!

I will be posting a new LO that I did. I lifted from Ingvild Bolme. She's as amazing as Irene Tan. I love Irene bunches. OMG... I went by Elsie Flannagan's blog and I sooo want one of her alterable journals.. so if anyone wants to get me a great christmas gift... I'll take it! LOL Ok I'll be back later! pace and love everyone! ;)