Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stupid thirty AM!!!

Why am I up at stupid thirty AM?? Prolly coz I have chores to do but am too lazy to do them! bhahaha... I did get some bad news today. Someone I know lost thier 7 year old daughter. Honestly I would probably cease to exist if I lost my child. I guess this affects me so because I work with kids. Kids are, in essence my passion in ministry. Trust me... nursing home ministry is not for the faint of heart!! And its definitly -->NOT<-- my calling... but back to what I was saying. Loss... the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Sounds sooo cold right??

Well how I see it is God gives, to cherish, to love, for teaching, for getting closer to Him. Everything leads us back to Him. Especially children. There are soo many paralells in Gods word that are allegories to His love for us because we are His children...its either that or being a stupid sheep.... KWIM?? lol

But I wanted to ramble a bit and let you lovely ppl know whats going on. Myself personally I will be sending a card. I know that ppl are organizing projects to be done as keepsakes. If your interested PLZ dont; hesitate to e-mail me at:


Hopefully I can get some information and whoever reads this will be moved to send thier condolances to the grieveing family.

Thanks for reading, have a great day! I think I'll go do my choress now and go get some sleep!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Picasa or not to Picasa...

I'm like such NOT a pc nerd... this is all like freaking me out!! lol

Soo this is what I want to share with you ppls today.. this is my LO for Class #1 for the Bad Girls Top Designer 2008....

----->>> ok this is my family... I wanted to accomplish somthing that repersents my family.. we are really a happy family. My poor dad.. the only guy sad huh?? I love my family I prolly will be very sad if I get married.. although mom said I could still live with them after I got married... But we are just a bunch of wierdo's LOL in one house!

This was done for the class on layering by Cari.. she's rad. My inspiration came from her avatar I wanted to build and layer things. So I built the house out of thick paper and layered black cs on top that I cut little "windows" out of and then added the roof and a little dormer on that! I then cut out my pics.. [I NEVER do that] and matted them. The tree and the bird are chipboard. I then layered flowers and added bling to them and put some orange ribbon with and 'glitz it now' square icing and the icing arrow!! and the Title is 'family' and my idea came from the 'Juno' movie cover art...

products used:

Glitz it now
Best Occasions
other junk I can't think of right now....

Monday, October 6, 2008

ho hum...

ok so today has kinda drug by.. at least I got my closet re-organized nad I can now get in it and shut the door! lol

I'm not really sure how to do all this I did find a pretty cool template at Pyzam. Its ok I relaly like but I'm not sure if its fitting me, or not?? who knows... I guess I'm gonna go now and figure out how to add widgets and stuff! This is kinda like myspace but like better I think! oh well...

Irene Tan thanks for the 1st comment!! I <33 you! your totlaly rad thanks for the love! Jopefully mine will be as good as your one day! lol

Ok ttyl I'm gonna try and find a great purpose for this space on the web peace out my homefries!