Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Picasa or not to Picasa...

I'm like such NOT a pc nerd... this is all like freaking me out!! lol

Soo this is what I want to share with you ppls today.. this is my LO for Class #1 for the Bad Girls Top Designer 2008....

----->>> ok this is my family... I wanted to accomplish somthing that repersents my family.. we are really a happy family. My poor dad.. the only guy sad huh?? I love my family I prolly will be very sad if I get married.. although mom said I could still live with them after I got married... But we are just a bunch of wierdo's LOL in one house!

This was done for the class on layering by Cari.. she's rad. My inspiration came from her avatar I wanted to build and layer things. So I built the house out of thick paper and layered black cs on top that I cut little "windows" out of and then added the roof and a little dormer on that! I then cut out my pics.. [I NEVER do that] and matted them. The tree and the bird are chipboard. I then layered flowers and added bling to them and put some orange ribbon with and 'glitz it now' square icing and the icing arrow!! and the Title is 'family' and my idea came from the 'Juno' movie cover art...

products used:

Glitz it now
Best Occasions
other junk I can't think of right now....


Pearl said...

oh my ! this is so fun, Susie !& that you were inspired by Ms Cari's avatar ! way to rock that lesson !

I love my Picasa & Picnik(online) too ! really helps when I dont have perfect pics ! lots of fun effects you can have on photos now without Photoshop - like doodling on the pics etc young people work Picnik really good !

StrawberryPia said...

This lo ROCKS!! Great work! Family is the most precious thing you have in life! Hugs Pia

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

This is very cool! Love the pics too!